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VIP Rewards - Dine, Earn & Get Rewarded

Earn points and other dining rewards at any participating Cunningham Restaurant Group restaurant. All Cunningham Restaurant Group locations participate, except for Cafe 251 and CRG Delivery Kitchen. Enroll online or at any of our restaurants for free.

VIP Terms & Privacy Policy

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Rewards & Perks


Earn Points

For every $1 spent on food, beverages, and private dining events, you will earn 1 point.


Get Rewarded

Receive $100 in VIP Rewards when you reach 1000 points.

Get Treated

Receive a Free Dessert for your Birthday & Anniversary.

Become a VIP

Join online or download the CRG VIP mobile app and you can start earning points instantly by having your server look up your account.

Become a VIP

Register Existing Card

If you already have a VIP card, you can register it online in a few simple steps to access your points and many benefits of our program.

Register Card

Already a Member? Login

If you have already registered a card online login to your account to access your VIP points, earn rewards, and modify your account.


Need Assistance?

If you are looking to claim missing reward points, merge accounts, or just have questions visit our VIP FAQ or contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions below for our VIP Rewards program and the CRG App for iOS and Android.

VIP Rewards

How do I sign up for the VIP Program?

In Person: You can sign up for the program with your server at any Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) location.

Online: You can sign up AND register for the program online. Use your computer, tablet, or mobile device to activate anywhere at any time. Your card will be activated and ready for your next visit!

Become a VIP

Where do I register my VIP Card?

You may register your card via our website here or Mobile App. VIP card registration is required to redeem any rewards that have been earned.

Register a Card

I tried to register and got an error on the screen stating my name was incorrect. How can I correct this?

If for some reason you receive this error during registration, your VIP account likely needs to be adjusted by our Home Office team. Please email with your card number, full name, and contact information should this occur and we will correct the issue and notify you.

How does the program work?

For every dollar spent, you receive 1 VIP point. When 1,000 points are accumulated, you receive $100 in Rewards automatically loaded onto your VIP card, good for food and beverage at any CRG location.

$1.00 = 1 VIP Point
1,000 VIP Points = $100.00 Reward (automatically loaded on your account)

Guests are not limited to the number of points they can accumulate or the number of rewards they can earn.

What are my perks using the program?

Throughout the year, VIP Program members receive additional benefits of a complimentary appetizer or dessert for the following special occasions:

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

These promotions will automatically be loaded to your VIP account so long as you have entered an Anniversary and/or Birthday date upon VIP card registration.

How do I start building up points?

Simply carry your card or provide your server with your name, phone number, email address, or 3-4 digit “Check-In” code via the Mobile App. We can look you up in our VIP system.

Can I check how many points I have?

Checking your points is simple! Each time you dine, we will provide your points balance at the bottom of your receipt.


You can check your points by logging in online or via the Mobile App once your account has been registered.

VIP Login

If I forget my card, can I still get points?

Yes! Simply email your full name, a copy of your itemized receipt, your VIP Program card number, and either your phone number or email address used at the time of sign-up to We will then add the points to your account and let you know your new balance.

Is it possible to replace a lost card?

A physical VIP card is not necessary, unless preferred, as all VIP information is stored virtually. Your VIP card can be accessed at any time in the CRG VIP mobile app, or your account can be located by your name, phone number, or email.

You may request a new card from your server at any Cunningham Restaurant Group location. Once your new card has been registered, please contact to have your cards and points combined.

If I have multiple VIP cards, can they be merged?

Yes. To do so, simply email ( your full name, both VIP Program numbers you would like to merge, which account you would like to remain active, and the phone number you used during sign-up. We will update your account and the new total balance on the active card.

How do VIP points work when I am purchasing gift cards?

While you cannot earn points for gift card purchases, points will accrue to the account of the person who redeemed the gift card.

Can my VIP card be used for private dining and events?

Yes. Simply carry your card or provide your server your name and your phone number so they can look you up in our VIP system. Your receipt will then outline the points allocated (for food and beverage only) and your accumulated VIP Points total.

Do my points ever expire?

No, your points do not expire.

If I’m dining with others who don’t have a VIP card, can I have their points?

Unfortunately, no. The points are only available to the person paying the bill.

Once I reach 1000 points, how do I get my Rewards?

On the visit where you reach 1000 points, your $100 Reward will automatically be credited to your VIP account available for use at any time. The manager and/or server will be pleased to inform you that you have earned this reward.

Can I then use my Rewards on that same visit?

Unfortunately, no. The Rewards are only available to use on your next visit.

Can my Rewards be used to leave a tip?

No, your Rewards can only be used for food and beverage. There is no way to cash the remaining balance to tip your server.

What if I lose my card?

That isn’t a problem at all. Download the CRG VIP mobile app, and you can access your VIP card at any time! If you have any questions about your VIP card number or login, please contact our office by email (


Where can I find the app?

The CRG VIP App is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching for “CRG VIP”.

Does it cost anything to download the App?

No! The CRG VIP App is completely free to download and use.

How do I log in to the App?

Your username will be the email address that is listed on your VIP account. The password will be a unique password created by you at the time of registration.

Are my points valid for all CRG locations?

Yes. Earned VIP points can be used at any CRG location except Cafe 251.

How long will it take until I can see my points after my visit?

Points will be available to view on the App once the server has closed out your check on the Point of Sale.

Can I update my password?

Yes. You can reset your password in “Security” from the drop-down menu located in the top left corner.

Can I update my VIP information?

Yes. You can update your VIP information in “Edit Account” from the drop-down menu located in the top left corner.

How do I get my points when I visit a restaurant?

We have made it easier to get your points when dining with CRG! Simply use the “Check-In” button on the home screen upon being seated. This will display a barcode as well as a unique 3-4 digit code that you will show to your server. This code will link your VIP information to your check.

Can I add VIP points myself with the App?

No. If you have a missed swipe or a visit where you did not receive points, please send an email to containing a scan or photo of the check, your name, phone number, email, or VIP card number and request to have these points added to your account.

Can I sign up for a new VIP card with the App?

Yes. After downloading the app, there is a “Sign Up” option. If this is a replacement card, please email to have your accounts and points combined.

**Should you sign up using the App, you will not receive a physical VIP card but instead, will have all information stored virtually.**

Can I make a reservation using the app?

Yes. You can make a reservation at any CRG location that accepts them and is available under the “Reservations” button on the home screen.

Can I order online via the app?

You will be able to very soon! This function, however, is not currently available.

What if I forgot to give my server my VIP information?

If you have a missed swipe or a visit where you did not receive points, please send an email to containing a scan or photo of the check, your name, phone number, email, or VIP card number and request to have these points added to your account.