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We receive a high volume of donation requests and we will not be able to fulfill them all. However, we would be happy to consider your request if you review our donations page and complete our donation request form.

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Cunninham Restaurant Group has private dining options available at many of our restaurants. If would like help choosing a location or have questions, fill out the form below or call us at 317-378-7274.

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Questions about my Gift Card

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Questions about my VIP Account

Physical cards and your online account are two separate items. You can register your physical card online to easily check points, rewards and update your information.

Missing Points Reset Password Register a Card FAQ
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I am Missing VIP Points

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Please provide us with a clear image of your receipt in .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .PDF format. If you can't easily provide a receipt we would need to know the location you visited, the server name and the check number.

I would like to combine/merge VIP cards

This is the card we will be transferring your points to and that you will use when visiting our restaurants.
This card will no longer be active, we will bring points from this card to your preferred VIP account. If you have more than one card please enter them with a comma separating the numbers.

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Visit our Careers website to learn more about working at Cunningham Restaurant Group and view current job openings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VIP Rewards

How do I sign up for the VIP Program?

In Person: You can sign up for the program with your server at any Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) location.

Online: You can sign up AND register for the program online. Use your computer, tablet, or mobile device to activate anywhere at any time. Your card will be activated and ready for your next visit!

Become a VIPBecome a VIP

Where do I register my VIP Card?

If you sign up online, your VIP card is already registered and active. No additional steps are necessary.

If you sign up in person, registration can be completed by visiting

Registration is required in order to access your VIP account online which lets you view points, update contact information, and designate preferences.

I tried to register and got an error on screen stating my name is incorrect. How can I correct this?

If for some reason you receive this error during registration, your VIP account likely needs to be adjusted by our Home Office team. Please email with your card number, full name and contact information should this occur and we will correct the issue and notify you.

How does the program work?

For every dollar spent, you receive 1 VIP point. When 1,000 points are accumulated, you receive a $100 Rewards Card, good for food and beverage at any CRG location.

$1.00 = 1 VIP Point
1,000 VIP Points = $100.00 Reward

Guests are not limited on the number of points they can accumulate or the number of rewards they can earn.

What are my perks using the program?

Throughout the year, VIP Program members receive additional benefits of a free appetizer or dessert for the following special occasions:  

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

You will receive an email notification to show to your server.

How do I start building up points?

Simply carry your card or provide your server your name and either your phone number or email address, and they can look you up in our VIP system. Your receipt will then outline the points earned on that visit as well as your accumulated VIP Points total.

Can I check how many points I have?

Checking your points is simple!  Each time you dine, you can check your points on your receipt


You can check your points online at once your VIP account is registered.

If I forget my card, can I still get points?

Yes!  Simply email your full name, a copy of your itemized receipt, your VIP Program card number, and either your phone number or email address used at the time of sign up to  We will then add the points to your account and let you know your new balance.

Is it possible to replace a lost card?


  1. In Person:  You can request a new card from your server at any Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) location.

  2. Online:  You can request a new card online and have your card activated and ready upon your next visit.  This can be completed prior to visiting the restaurant, or on a mobile device anywhere that is convenient for you.

If I have multiple VIP cards, can they be merged?

Yes.  To do so, simply email ( your full name, BOTH VIP Program numbers you would like to merge, which account you would like to remain active, and your phone number you used during sign up.  We will update your account and the new total balance on the active card.

How do VIP points work when I am purchasing gift cards?

While you cannot earn points for gift card purchases, points will accrue to the account of the person who redeems the gift card.

Can my VIP card be used for private dining and events?

Yes. Simply carry your card or provide your server your name and your phone number they can look you up in our VIP system.  Your receipt will then outline the points allocated (for food and beverage only) and your accumulated VIP Points total.

Do my points ever expire?

No, your points do not expire.

If I’m dining with others who don’t have a VIP card, can I have their points?

Unfortunately, no.  The points are only available to the person paying the bill.

Once I reach 1000 points, how do I get my Rewards card?

On the visit where you reach 1000 points, we are pleased to present you with your $100 Rewards card on the spot!

Can I then use my Rewards card for that same visit?

Unfortunately, no.  The points are only available on the next visit since using the Rewards card would actually deduct the points used to earn the Rewards card.

Can my Rewards card be used to leave a tip?

No, we prefer that you use your Rewards card for food and beverage as there is no way to cash the remaining balance to tip your server.

What if I lose my Rewards card?

That isn’t a problem at all.  Contact our office by email ( and we will research the remaining balance, void the lost card, and reissue a card for the balance.

Gift Cards

Where can I use my Cunningham Restaurant Group Gift Card?

Our Gift Cards are avaialble for use at all participating Cunningham Restaurant Group locations. This does not include Moerlein Lager House, they have their own Gift Cards which can be purchased directly from their website or in-store.

Can I use my CRG Gift Card for tax and gratuity?

Yes, CRG Gift Cards can be used for all items on your check including tax and gratuity.

Can one use more than one gift card at a time?

Yes, you can use as many CRG Gift Cards as you like to pay for your meal.

Do CRG Gift Cards expire?

CRG Gift Cards never expire and there are no maintenance or non-usage fees.

If I don’t use the entire amount on my gift card, what happens?

Any amount not used when paying for your meal stays on your gift card. You can use the remaining balance on your card at your next visit to any participating CRG restaurant.

Will I receive VIP Points when I purchase gift cards?

No, while you cannot earn points for gift card purchases, points will accrue to the account of the person who redeems the gift card.