Community| June 5, 2020

We Have Work To Do

We have work to do.  Most of you applauded our communications about being better and several of you asked about specific actions we will take to recognize and correct social injustice and promote racial equality.  We’re happy to share our plans with you to seek solutions and move toward tangible actions that show our commitment that black lives matter to each and every one of us.

I have gone back to our core values and thought about them in this period of injustice.  Do they truly represent CRG’s belief system and do they show our commitment to our guests and team members?  It may be tempting to provide a laundry list of what we have already done to uncover biases and increase racial equity, but we have to acknowledge that it is not enough.  We need to be better and do more.  And while we could spend time trying to get our message “just right,” instead we will focus on actions and solutions.

Action #1: Diversity Council

Each CRG location (34 in number) will be represented on this newly forming council.  Our aim is to listen and learn, especially from team members of color, about ways to have impact.  It is our hope that the Council’s work could be shared to spark greater conversations within the entire restaurant community.

Action #2:  Sound Off Hotline 

An office hotline will be established where team members with concerns about diversity issues can leave a message (anonymous or identified) that will be responded to within 24 hours by a member of our executive team.  If you see something, say something.

Action #3:  Executive Team Focus

Our leadership team knows that, as a company and as individuals, we have work to do. We commit to continue to listen, learn, have hard conversations, enlist help, and challenge ourselves to go even farther than we can presently see.

I hope you’ll watch for additional information as our plans unfold. And, together we can all grow.

Mike Cunningham
President & CEO