Brand Highlights| April 3, 2020

Today’s Takeout: Support local Cunningham Restaurants

Today’s takeout is from our friends at Cunningham Restaurant Group.

Chefs Carl, Casey, and Leyton have delivered a feast to us today.

From Livery:

  • Cuban torta — grilled pork loin, dill pickle, swiss cheese, pickled red onions, mustard, mayo, and a side of house made yuca chips
  • Paella — chorizo fried rice, mahi-mahi, grilled shrimp, serrano hot sauce, ancho salsa
  • Ceviche — shrimp, tomato, peppers, onions, lime juice, guacamole, tortilla chips
  • Queso empanadas — havarti, gouda, white cheddar jalapeño, black beans purée

From Mesh:

  • Penne pasta bake
  • Pork loin stir fry
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Braised top sirloin

You can also find amazing food at Bru Burger, Stonecreek and more.

Right now you can earn double VIP points for carryout orders at all participating CRG restaurants and they have half-priced wine at select locations. Hours for pickup vary, so check CRGdining.com for all the details on your favorite Cunningham Restaurant.Also, e-gift card orders will earn a 10-dollar bounce back card for every 50-dollars purchased.

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