Community| June 3, 2020

A message for our guests and community...

There is no way to express adequately what we all are feeling right now.  In the cities and towns in which we operate, there is a deep sense of anger and fear.  We feel it individually and we feel it collectively as a company. 

We need to be better.

We need to acknowledge that racial inequality & social injustice exists in our country.

We must demand and expect accountability at all levels.

We have the right to protest peacefully.

We have the right to be heard.

We have the responsibility to vote.

We must love and care for one another.

We must have empathy over apathy.

We must listen to other points of view.

We must not be blindly led into fear and disparity.

Many of us don’t know what it feels like to be the victim of racism or hate. We say we can imagine what it must feel like, but that isn’t anywhere near the same. As people, and as a company, we have a choice. We can be the change, start the change, demand the change.  We choose to do all of them.

We owe this to ourselves, our families and our communities to do our part to make this better. As an owner and as a company, we pledge to be better.

Mike Cunningham, President and CEO
Cunningham Restaurant Group