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Behind-the-scenes at Provision

The Provision experience, true to its name, provides guests with the components to create a culinary journey through the menu, engaging service to guide the way, and an extensive wine list to delight the night. From the strong foundations of the menu and service, Provision offers you an artistic and creative approach to menu and dining experience.

Carl Chambers, Corporate Chef for Cunningham Restaurant Group, & Layton Roberts, Executive Chef de Cuisine for Cunningham Restaurant Group, give Amber a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on behind the counter and in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. 

In the second segment, Tracy gets a cooking lesson from Provision's Executive Chef, Aaron Bender. 

Begin your culinary journey and experience integrity in technique, creativity in composition, and perfection in plating. Provision’s menu includes locally sourced products from Fischer Farms, Tyner Pond Farms, and Confectionaries, all passionate partners in regional restaurant development and growth in Indianapolis. Provision showcases locally grown produce from Cunningham Restaurant Group's own CRG Grow Greenhouse. 

Menu items include Halibut, Fried Green Tomatoes, King Crab Toast, a Farmer’s Platter Tasting, and much more. 

Go to for the full menu, and go to for the latest from all of the Cunningham Restaurant Group locations.

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